One of the most common questions in Port St Lucie is “does this house have Toxic Drywall?” Often referred to as “Chinese” drywall because the boards were manufactured and imported from China, the problem is that the drywall contains sulfur which corrodes copper wire. The corroded wires have caused A/C systems to fail, appliances to die, and computers to quit working. The other concern is that the gasses coming from the drywall could be health hazards. This, of course, is a simplified explanation of  the effects of toxic drywall.

Back to main question at hand:

Does East Lake Village have Chinese Drywall?

As a Realtor® in Port St Lucie, I have yet to hear a case of toxic drywall in this community. I have sold many townhomes and single family homes in East Lake Village and have also helped renters find units to rent. Through inspections, word of mouth, and visually checking copper wires on my own, I have not heard or seen any signs of Chinese drywall in East Lake Village.

However, just because we haven’t heard of any cases does not mean that it could not exist. But I personally* would conclude that it’s safe to say the majority of the homes in East Lake Village were not built with the toxic drywall.

If you’ve heard differently, I invite you to share your comments below.

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*Please note that this is my personal opinion. If you’re concerned with your property containing toxic drywall you should consult with a licensed inspector who is familiar with the signs of toxic drywall.