Frequently Asked Questions about East Lake Village in Port St. Lucie.

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How much are the taxes?

There are two portions to our tax bills:

  • Ad Valorem (based on assessed value) which is approximately 2.5% of the assessed value of the property
  • Non Ad Valorem (not based on assessed value) which is a flat fee comprised of the following in East Lake Village:

– $153 Stormwater maintenance in Port St. Lucie
– $262 for Solid Waste (trash bill)
– $954.27 East Lake Village Bond for Townhomes and $1,266.13 for Single Family Homes

What is the bond for and when will it be paid off?

The bond was for the construction costs of roadways, storm management, and water/sewer lines. The term is 19 (2004 – 2022) years and is a 4.744% interest rate. It can be paid off at any time. Look up a property’s tax bill on the tax collector’s website and click on “special assessment” which will take you to the balance page. Source: City of PSL’s Finance Dept at 772-871-5069.

How much are the HOA fees and what do they include?

Townhomes pay $566 quarterly for the 2-story, $610 quarterly for the 3-story, and Single Family Homes pay $491 quarterly. (2016) Fees cover lawn maintenance of all properties, basic cable, and phone (through Opticaltel).

Does East Lake Village have “Chinese” (defective) drywall?

The author of this website, Sarah Taylor, has toured 100’s of homes and sold and rented over 10 properties (along with inspections) and has never come in to contact with defective drywall. Read more here.

In which school zone is East Lake Village?

By viewing the school map, it appears that East Lake Village is in the “Blue Zone” in the St. Lucie County School district.
To verify, visit the St. Lucie County School’s website by clicking this link and use the “School Search” button.

What are the pet restrictions at East Lake Village?

Limit 2 per household. No weight limit. No aggressive breeds. No breeding. Dogs must be on a leash when outdoors and owners must pick up waste and keep yards free of waste. Per “Quick Reference Guide” through management company as of 03/12/12.